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TT Isle of Man gets Release Date and New Trailer

TT Isle of Man Release Date and New Trailer

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Adventure is Out There — Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth is Out Now

Prepare to Journey up the Tree Less Traveled With the New Launch Trailer!

Sharpen your swords, dust off your spell books, stretch your legs, and get ready for a lot of dungeon mapping goodness because Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth is out now! The game is now available physically and digitally in the Americas and digitally in Europe (the physical version will come out on Nov 3.) for the Nintendo 3DS™ system.

Legend says that whoever reaches the top of the Yggdrasil tree will have their greatest wish fulfilled. The only problem is that there are plenty of monstrous creatures that call the colossal tree home. It’s up to you to build a guild full of hardy adventurers to slash, stab, punch, burn, freeze, etc… your way towards the prize at the summit. Be warned though, it’ll take the perfect storm of expert dungeon navigation and party composition to make it to the top. Will you become the fabled conqueror of the Yggdrasil tree or a very tasty meal for a very hungry F.O.E.?

Free Nintendo 3DS Theme

Oh, and we’ve also got a new shiny new Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth theme to slap on the background of your 3DS. Price: Zero dollars. Nothing. COMPLETELY FREE. It’s now available in the Americas for download at the Theme Shop and will be available in Europe at launch. Here’s a preview:

DLC Information

We will also have additional character skins from previous series titles, additional quests to gain loot and EXP, and extra background music tracks as planned DLC.

October 17 (Launch Day!)
  • New Explorers 1 ($1.99): School Boy Uniform
  • New Explorers 2 ($1.99): School Girl Uniform
  • New Explorers 3 ($1.99): Lady’s Sweater
October 24
  • New Explorers 4 ($1.99): Etrian Odyssey 1 Protector
  • New Explorers 5 ($1.99): Etrian Odyssey 1 Medic
  • Wizardly Experience Quest ($1.99): Adds a new, repayable quest and an accessory that grants 3x as much EXP gains
  • Wizardly Fortune Quest ($1.99): Adds a new, repayable quest and an accessory that raises the enemy drop rate to 100%
October 31
  • New Explorers 6 ($1.99): Etrian Odyssey 2 Gunner
  • FM Synth Arranged Sounds ($4.99): Adds a music player function. Switch the game’s BGM by accessing the music player in the Options menu

In case you missed it, the demo for the game is now available! It lets prospective explorers create whatever party their heart desires (every character and class is available) in order to get a head start on all the map-making and FOE-escaping Etrian action. Although the level caps at 10 and the tree can only be explored up until the third floor, parties and progress transfer to the main game when it comes out. There’s no reason to dillydally! Download the demo at the Nintendo eShop today and get a head start on discovering some glorious treasure.

Art Book Preview

ONE MORE THING! Preview the stunning character art and concept sketches of the 24-page art book that comes with the launch edition below.

 The time has come to climb a very big tree, release the cartographer within, and run from terrifying FOEs because Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth is now available in the Americas and digitally in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS™ system.

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth chronicles the quest of a new adventurer (hey, that’s you!) as they attempt to reach the top of the towering Yggdrasil tree. For it is said that whoever braves the dangers of the dreaded Yggdrasil labyrinth and reaches the summit will have their greatest wish fulfilled… With the most cosmetic customization options in an Etrian Odyssey game, newly added racial attribute bonuses, and ten unique classes (each with two branching specialization paths), the perfect party is just waiting to be assembled.

 Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth features:

  • A Choose-your-own-odyssey Feel – Starting with the creation of your party to exploring the uncharted labyrinth of the Yggdrasil Tree, Beyond the Myth is all about choosing how your own adventure unfolds. Test your survival skills by wisely navigating the winding floors of Yggdrasil, using shrewd tactics when battling gruesome beasts, making the right decisions during various “scenarios,” and more. To meet these challenges, the home base city of Iorys is ready for all your buying/selling, recruiting, and information-gathering needs!
  • Gameplay Fit for a True Pathfinder – It wouldn’t be an Etrian Odyssey game without the life-or-death need to map your progress. For those new to the series, the bottom screen of the 3DS displays a top-down, tile-based map that must be filled out while dungeon crawling. Players can use the map to mark the locations of treasures, doors, enemies, environmental obstructions, and more. Expect the unexpected at every turn–and then make a note on the map so it’s not so unexpected next time!
  • Epic Turn-based Battles – There’s a reason why no one has ever reached the top of Yggdrasil. Dangerous creatures and utterly terrifying FOEs–high-level mini-bosses, for you newcomers–roam the labyrinth on every floor, so prepare to test your mettle with challenging turn-based battles. Proper planning is a must and balancing strong party composition is absolutely crucial for success. You’ll need the right team to unleash Union Attacks and level the playing field!
  • Expanded Character Creation and Customization – With four unique races, 10 distinct classes, more customization options than any previous game in the franchise, and a streamlined skill tree/class advancement, you can shape a party to whatever your heart desires.
  • A Magical Art Style and Score – Longtime series illustrator Yuji Himukai and renowned composer Yuzo Koshiro return to add their signature magic to the art and music in the game.

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth is out now physically and digitally in the Americas and digitally in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is priced at $39.99 (with commensurate European pricing) and will be available physically in Europe on Nov. 3. EOV has been rated T by the ESRB. For more information please visit the website:

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