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Atlus’ Studio Zero working on non-Project Re Fantasy title

Studio Zero, the Atlus studio established in 2016 to work on a fantasy RPG game code-named Project Re Fantasy, is working on another title in addition to the fantasy RPG, studio boss Katsura Hashino told

“Studio Zero was by no means formed to only work on fantasy titles,” Hashino told the website. “Other than the existing fantasy [game], there is another project in motion.”

The interviewer, freelance writer Mafia Kajita, responded with surprise. “Ooh, seriously?!”

Hasino replied, “I cannot share details yet, but we’re preparing for it to make you say, ‘What, you’re doing that, too!?’ I think we’ll be able to show everyone that one first. Of course, I hope everyone can look also forward to future information on Project Re Fantasy, so thank you in advance.”


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