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Bulletstorm Review

Bulletstorm Review
Game Name: Bulletstorm
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Developer(s): People Can Fly, Epic Games
Genre(s): Shooter, Action
Release Date: Feb. 22, 2011
ESRB Rating: M

When you think of bulletstorm you probably think of a bunch of loud bad mouthed space pirates! Well your correct, bulletstorm is what we would call one of the oddball shooters, it defines gravity, comes with a forgettable cast of characters, and lets you travel through a vast planet with of course some odd creatures.



Epic Games was hoping this game could help them move up into the ranks of video game publishing. Also by adding the Gears Of War 3 beta with it to try and boost pre-orders and sales. Nope, the game still failed. The game still didn’t sell enough so Epic Games ended up giving the beta away to Gears 3 pre-orders instead. The idea was decent but there just seemed to be something left out that just didn’t make it that enjoyable. The day after the beta ended this things flooded used game store like 9 year old kids at a Justin Bieber concert.



When you first begin your the role of Grayson Hunt, a tough potty-mouth who’s out after General Serano, his former officer. As you begin the game Grayson and General Serano are in there own vessel ships and fire at one another causing them to crash on the planet of Stygia. As it isn’t hard enough that he crashed, he also realizes the planet of Stygia is at war, with some crazy creatures, and some amazing boss battles along the way.



As Grayson makes his way from point A to point B on Stygia he runs into the most prized tool the energy leash. This tool defines gravity allowing Grayson to hurl his enemies toward him causing a slow-down effect to obtain skillshots, one of the main aspects of the game. Skillshots allow the player to choose how he would like to kill his enemy to get the skill points for his kill. There’s a wide range of different skill shots you will unlock as you go deeper into the planet, some are voodoo doll which allows the player to hurl his enemy into spiked walls, and even crotch shots for points don’t let your mom see! The list goes on and on with skillshots to unlock, and if that isn’t enough you also get to upgrade your weapons to do special abilities to gain even more massive skill points! The special weapon abilities are fantastic for each gun lighting up enemies as fireworks or burning them to a crisp!  Bulletstorm goes beyond normal shooters with the aspect of the game, and it’s very thrilling from other normal shooters.

As I said earlier players will also come across some awesome boss battles throughout the game, like a giant rolling wheel that takes your skillshots to a whole new level. Also some segments of the you will be riding on some fast moving rails as I mentioned above about the giant rolling wheel, the scenery of the battles and gameplay are very impressive and eye candy.



Keep in mind the graphics are just about the only thing that makes this game playable, some of the controls feel sluggish or refuse to respond. I wish I could blame it on my hands, but I trust them and I don’t trust the game. Some of the humor at times is actually funny and that’s a plus.


Aside from the campaign mode there is online co-op play (as if you would want to make a friend suffer through this with you), there are two different modes to the online play one being echoes mode, which put players In certain parts of the single player campaign, which then they compete to get the highest ratings and fastest times throughout the missions. The other mode is Anarchy which is O.K. at best, as it puts players together trying to rack up as much skillshot points as possible, fighting multiple waves of enemies, as each wave gets more and more difficult. Think of horde mode just not fun.



If I had to say about any bad things about the game I would say, don’t buy it, rent it, borrow it. If it’s a gift or free it’s ok then.  it would have been nice if you could of played co-op through the campaign mode to try to ease the pain off sitting through the lame jokes and flat story, as you usually have one computer partner throughout the games missions anyway, seems to me like a lost opportunity to me, but all in all bulletstorm proves that sometimes when a company tries something new it’s not always the best idea. It does have a unique gameplay that no other shooters offer, some badass, loud-mouth cast,  and of course the tons and tons of unique skillshots that tend to get boring.


Game 2 Gamer’s Final Score 2.5 / 5


Frustration Level   


  1. WatchGrassGrow says:

    I actually liked Bulletstorm a lot. The multiplayer got boring once I got to the max level, but the campaign was fun. They could have toned down the useless swearing though, which would have made the story entertaining. They could have stood to make it a bit longer to explain things a bit more, but overall I liked it.
    I will admit though there isn’t much in replay value. You play the campaign once or twice, and you’re kinda done. Once you get to the max level in Multiplayer there isn’t much of an incentive to play.

  2. fiveeyedduck says:

    I played the demo and it was pretty enjoyable killing with all those moves.

  3. Possibly the most controversial game of the year?

    Anyways, I had a decision to make when purchasing this game. It was between this, Homefront or Crysis 2. And ‘course, I went with Crysis 2 :mrgreen:

  4. Also, did any of you hear the news that Bulletstorm wasn’t a profit for Epic? It didn’t really rake any money in and I bet most people got it for the GOW3 access 😉

  5. CherryRasulka says:

    I like pirates, but that blows the controls are weak

  6. dowen360 says:

    I really enjoyed this game and although a lot of people would of bought it for the gears 3 beta access that was just a bonus for me.