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Fire Emblem Heroes adds ‘Ylissean Summer’ heroes Tiki, Frederick, Gaius, and Robin

Four new heroes from Fire Emblem Awakening are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes alongside a new “Ylissean Summer” Paralogue Story, Nintendo announced.

The new characters include:

  • Tiki (voiced by Mela Lee and illustrated by Okayu)
  • Frederick (voiced by Kyle Hebert and illustrated by Suekane Kumiko)
  • Gaius (voiced by Ray Chase and illustrated by Ichihiro Hako)
  • Robin (voiced by Lauren Landa and illustrated by Mayo)

The new “Ylissean Summer” event, featuring a set of swimsuit versions of Tiki, female Robin, Frederick, and Gaius as well as new Paralogues and special quests.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available now for iOS and Android.

Watch a trailer introducing the new characters below.

Here are more details on the limited event Heroes and their abilities:


Tiki: Summering Scion (CV: Mela Lee, Artist: Okaya)


Frederick: Horizon Watcher (CV: Kyle Hebert, Artist: Suekane Kumiko)


Gaius: Thief Exposed (CV: Ray Chase, Artist: Ichiiro Hako)


Robin: Seaside Tactician (CV: Lauren Landa, Artist: Mayo)


Additionally, players will receive 2 Orbs everyday starting today until July 6. The Ylissean Summer Summoning Event is available from now through August 1, 2017.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.


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