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Fire Emblem Warriors Demo Footage Shows Lucina, Robin, And Lissa In Action

During this year’s Japan Expo in France, a new demo for Fire Emblem Warriors was available to try out that is different from the one available at E3. The demo featured Lucina, male Robin, Lissa, female Corrin as playable characters, as well as Frederick as a boss fight.

You can watch some off-screen footage of the demo below.

Based on the demo, the details about the characters’ fighting styles were revealed. First off, Robin fights with a tome, and his normal attack creates lightning spheres. He is also able to summon fire, falling thunder laser, wind blades, a magic circle that makes him levitate, a giant purple sphere and a lightning vortex. Additionally, he uses the Levin Sword for all of his special attacks.


When it comes to Lucina, she was described as fighting as a typical sword user and has most of her same moves from Fire Emblem Awakening. However, she can also use a bow of light to attack.


Lissa was noted as being very fast and swings her axe like a twirling baton. She sometimes ends her attacks with a bolt of thunder magic from her staff. When it comes to healing, the effect zone is shown before you cast it.


Frederick was also present in the demo as a boss, and his moves were noted as being “what you’d expect from a cavalier with an axe.”


Fire Emblem Warriors launches on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS in Japan on September 28, 2017. It releases in the West in Fall 2017.



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