Xbox: New Games for Feb. 19-25

Xbox Releases Feb 19-25


Jurassic World Pinball™ Roars Onto Pinball FX3 Today for All Major Platforms

Jurassic World Pinball Out Today


McFarlane Toys teaming with Call of Duty to Create Collectible Figures

McFarlane Toys to Create CoD Figures




Codemasters® launched the first gameplay video for F1 2011, the follow up to the fastest-selling FORMULA ONE™ game ever released, now showing at F1 2011 is in development at Codemasters Birmingham for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PC Games For Windows® and is available for pre-order now ahead of its worldwide launch on September 23rd 2011.

The new video for F1 2011 gives an insight into some of the innovations and enhancements in the official game of the 2011 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™. The trailer shows exciting wheel to wheel racing, enhanced by KERS and DRS, as well as highlighting improved garage, paddock, pit lane and Parc Fermé cinematics that further immerse the player into the life of a FORMULA ONE driver. The video is now showing at

In F1 2011 players will be challenged to ‘Be the driver, life the life, go compete’, with wide-ranging advancements on and off the track and a vastly extended multiplayer component. F1 2011 will feature all of the official teams, drivers and circuits from the highly anticipated 2011 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, including the current FIA FORMULA ONE Drivers’ World Champion Sebastian Vettel. The 2011 season also sees the debut of the 2011 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF INDIA at Dehli’s Jaypee Group Circuit and the return of the German GRAND PRIX™ to the iconic Nürburgring.

Bespoke handheld editions of F1 2011 are also in production for Nintendo 3DS™ and PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita), each designed to take advantage of the new platforms’ unique capabilities; specific release dates for the handheld editions are to be announced.

In production at Codemasters Studios Birmingham, F1 2011 is being developed using the EGO Game Technology Platform, Codemasters’ proprietary tech that powered the critically acclaimed, 2 million-plus selling F1 2010, GRID and currently driving DiRT 3.

F1 2011 will be released September 23rd 2010 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Games for Windows with handheld editions to follow. To get all the news straight from the studio and to win the chance to play F1 2011 ahead of its release, race over to or follow the team on twitter at


  1. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Alright Gamer’s,
    We all know everyone wants a code, but we know not everyone gets one but we try to make it fair.
    so please no “whining” or complaining about codes, its just annoying and rude.

    so lets all have fun and give some codes away!

    if you have a code you want to give away send it over to (we will post them because its confusing for users)

    AS ALWAYS – please claim the codes if you redeem one. its only the right thing thing do!

  2. Jokerzwild says:

    ^ 😛

  3. montow says:

    ive donated before =D

  4. R P Geez says:

    Alrighty. Lets do this thing. Good luck everyone!

  5. Pushaman55 says:

    Hey everyone

  6. Jokerzwild says:

    hi all and thank you G2G for anyother extravaganza

  7. RCcola17 says:

    lets do this

  8. Briinkx says:

    Here! <3

  9. MaDe says:

    lets gooooo 😀

  10. oyoudead says:

    I’m ready

  11. R P Geez says:

    How does this work exactly? Keep refreshing the page or what?

  12. Pushaman55 says:

    Ahhh I really don’t know. I just happen to come on here to look for a game review and I see this lol. I forgot that it happens today.

    • Briinkx says:

      I saw them tweet it not too long ago and was like… “:o That’s today?”

      • Pushaman55 says:

        lol haven’t been on Twitter much today. Been playing Trenched like an addict. =P

        • Briinkx says:

          Ah, I’ve heard alot about that lately, including their review. Trying to decide between buying Brink, Homefront, Trenched, and Portal 2.

          • Pushaman55 says:

            I’ll tell you right now, Portal 2 and Brink. My only concern is that you don’t bored with Brink too fast…

          • digital ink says:

            homefront and brink are a waste of money. i made both mistakes. portal 2 however is a solid purchase.

          • Briinkx says:

            Lol, from what I seen, it’s (Briink) amazing. That’s what I’ve based my username on for the past few months. x’D

          • I’d skip right past Homefront & Brink if I were you dude.

  13. R P Geez says:

    Ok. Good. Glad im not the only one in the dark. lol

  14. R P Geez says:

    I guess we just sit and wait. 🙂

  15. Let’s do this guys. Early ‘gratz to all of today’s winners and have a great time everybody!!

  16. Briinkx says:

    Crap.. Out of all times, I need to take a leak…

  17. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Dungeon Siege 3 Item Bundle

  18. Game 2 Gamer says:


  19. Pushaman55 says:

    @Brink, don’t get me wrong now, it is a great game but, once you have played it over and over and over, and have achieved all 1000 gamerscore points for that game, you will get bored lol

  20. montow says:

    grats to whoever!

  21. R P Geez says:

    Dont have that game. all yours! 🙂

  22. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Uncharted 3 Beta

  23. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Uncharted 3 Beta
    khal 62n8 p89n

  24. montow says:

    there are unlocks for uncharted 3 in the beta!

    • Game 2 Gamer says:

      Such as?

      • montow says:

        * Download the Uncharted 3 Beta and receive the exclusive UNCHARTED 3 PSN Beta Tester Avatar!
        * Complete 10 matches in every Gametype of Competitive Multiplayer and receive the Exclusive Beta Decal Pack 1!
        * Complete 5 matches in every Gametype of Co-operative Multiplayer and receive the Exclusive Beta Decal Pack 2!
        * Complete 4 Treasure Sets and receive the Treasure Hunter’s Starter Pack!
        * Rank up to level 25 in the Beta and receive a handsome reward of in-game cash on day one!

  25. R P Geez says:

    Yea. and some Beta codes give you bonus stuff.

  26. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Transformers Dark of the Moon Sideswipe Character

  27. R P Geez says:

    Does the site update or do i need to keep refreshing?

  28. Pushaman55 says:

    does everyone else have to keep refreshing this site to see new comments?

  29. Briinkx says:

    Most of these need the actual game, so I can’t use any of them. :S

  30. R P Geez says:

    Yea. do a code for something i have. lol

  31. 1000Burks says:

    Same here, waiting for a code that I can use. I don’t want to just take codes for the hell of it.

  32. CherryRasulka says:

    All right…Cherry is finally here…hope I didn’t miss the good stuff, probably did so I need to grab a Twinkie 🙂

  33. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Dead Block XBLA

  34. CherryRasulka says:

    Twinkies for all, just bought a new box….

  35. CherryRasulka says:

    So code not for me…but the twinkies taste good…..

  36. CherryRasulka says:

    Anybody got a friendly bunny circus? I’d love to see that…..

  37. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Red Fraction Armageddon Commando

    Both ? are the same

  38. CherryRasulka says:

    Sorry, watching Saturday Night Live (Old School) as I do this

  39. R P Geez says:

    I dont even try for games i dont have.

  40. CherryRasulka says:

    I need a shot….*giggles* I give up

  41. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Hunted: The Demons Forge Darkset Pack

  42. MaDe says:

    anything for ps3 incomming? 😛

  43. R P Geez says:

    You guys are way to fast for me. lol.

  44. Game 2 Gamer says:

    chevy camaro ss gt 5

  45. Velikost says:

    So wait, did you double check the Red Faction code? Because Q doesn’t work

  46. R P Geez says:

    Yea. They dont have to give out anything. Its awesome that they do so.

  47. Pushaman55 says:

    So in the mean time, wassup. What’s everyone been playing?

  48. Game 2 Gamer says:

    infamous 2 missions

  49. CherryRasulka says:

    I’ve been playing Dead Block, GOW 2, COD Black Ops, Halo Reach and changing my sons diapers….lol

  50. montow says:

    uncharted 3 beta … need to get those unlocks

  51. CherryRasulka says:

    WHO WANTS TWINKIES????? Or a Shot of Vodka? lol

  52. I’m fairly certain that Uncharted 3 Beta is available to all users in the PS Store as of last Tuesday.

  53. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Halo Reach Recon Armor

  54. CherryRasulka says:

    II call it the Choochall (cloudy dirty Shirley)….(8oz glass) 2 shots of vodka, rest Vodka, Splash of Grenadine…..

  55. R P Geez says:

    I have to go move my sprinkler. dont do anything without me. lol

  56. CherryRasulka says:

    G2G there is the contest part in the forum that only members can see. I’m tired of lurkers, if someone got it while I type congrats.

  57. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Whos ready for a big drop?

  58. montow says:

    a new car please!

    • R P Geez says:

      I was to slow. As usual. lol. Wheres that Monster Energy drink i had around here…

  59. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Suppertime of Destruction
    expansion pack for Snoopy Flying Ace on XBLA:


  60. Game 2 Gamer says:


  61. CherryRasulka says:

    First actress award goes to Julia Roberts….SHWING! SNL Waynes World

  62. montow says:

    damn its not a new car *sad face*

  63. CherryRasulka says:

    Grats to who ever got it! I wanted that expansion pack for Snoopy

  64. R P Geez says:

    You guys crack me up. Its worth being in here just for the witty conversation. lol. <3

  65. CherryRasulka says:

    We need to hop over to the forums. There are people that refuse to sign up and even like for facebook. It will get them registering. I really don’t like lurkers or mini moders. That’s what I love about Game2Gamer.

  66. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Dukes Big Package

  67. CherryRasulka says:

    Anybody want a twinkie? I’m gunna grill tomorrow, what should I do?

  68. montow says:

    some of you might not know about this

  69. CherryRasulka says:

    Jokerzwild It’s okay I did it but you have to be there at a certain time. The 10,000 K’Inex Mario figures are more than likely over.

  70. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Dragon Age II Sir Isaac Clarke Armor (redeem at

  71. R P Geez says:

    We should all exchange gamertags (if your interested) before we all bail outa here.

  72. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Dukes Big Package

  73. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Dante’s Inferno Prequel Level

  74. R P Geez says:

    “Big Package” and “Big dump” someone has a sense of humor. lol

  75. Game 2 Gamer says:

    L.A. Noire PS3 “The Naked City”

  76. CherryRasulka says:

    Tee Hee, I will drive you all crazy…oops did I say that? I will buy you a Twinkie!

  77. CherryRasulka says:

    lol, why? All right…but I’m just trying to have fun….

  78. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Lode Runner

  79. Jokerzwild says:

    no jrsan today?

  80. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Red Faction Armageddon Ruin Mode

  81. Game 2 Gamer says:

    L.A. Noire “The Naked City”

  82. C’mon guys!! Claim what you get, it only takes a few seconds and an honest acknowledgement of the awesome freebies that Mr. G2G gives out to all. Be grateful and claim those codes!!

  83. R P Geez says:

    I must say G2G is awesome for doing this. Huge shout out to the person behind the computer actually doing it and all those people that gave them codes to give to us poor people. lol!

  84. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Lets see some claimers!

  85. R P Geez says:

    Aint won one yet or i would claim the living hell out of it. Lol

  86. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Alice Madness Returns & Online Pass & 1st Alice full game

  87. CherryRasulka says:

    You need to go to the Contest part of the Forum if you don’t have any claimers. Don’t get me wrong, lurkers realize that they should sign up but if you do that, they for sure will sign up

    • Jokerzwild says:

      I don’t think the forums will help his site traffic numbers though, I imagine these give a good boost to that

    • Velikost says:

      I mean, people will sign up, but only because they have to. Doesn’t mean they’ll post or claim codes when they win them on the forum.

      • CherryRasulka says:

        I get what you are saying but at least someone will sign up and give G2G a count

  88. R P Geez says:

    I want a Gatling Gears code. Pleaaassseee!

  89. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Rock Band Metal Track Pack

  90. Jokerzwild says:

    Thinking of 85 I have random 80’s songs clouding my mind 🙁

  91. Jokerzwild says:

    stick around and talk Rp, alot of people read but don’t type because they are afraid to miss a code

  92. R P Geez says:

    Alrighty. 🙂 I might just watch the F1 trailer now.

  93. montow says:

    im missing a code right aboooout…….now

  94. Game 2 Gamer says:

    First correct post to guess how many total codes we dropped wins a:
    L.A. Noire Sharpshooter detective suite!

  95. R P Geez says:

    Do we count the one that didnt work? lol

  96. CherryRasulka says:

    Awesome there was a winner! Congrats and enjoy!

  97. Dekester says:

    Hi everyone.

  98. montow says:

    wooot a claim grats =D

  99. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Nail’d Bonus Maps and content

  100. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Any PS3 users here?

  101. montow says:


  102. CherryRasulka says:

    XBox here…..I have to leave soon though….

  103. CherryRasulka says:

    Are we going to do the forum or stay here?

  104. Game 2 Gamer says:

    F.E.A.R. 3 .50cal Hammer

  105. Dekester says:

    I have a ps3, but the computer is in another room and I’d never be fast enough to enter a code on it.

  106. R P Geez says:

    Ok. Im going to do some laundry. Gratz to all the winners. My gamer tag is “R P Geez” if anyone is interested. Exactly the same as my name on here. And a big thanks to G2G. You guys rock!

  107. montow says:

    already consumed but thanks for giving out alotta ps3 love =D

  108. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Transformers DoTM Sideswipe

  109. Jokerzwild says:

    i’m driving
    myself mad with this song in my head lol

  110. CherryRasulka says:

    Wish I could play some pinball…

    • Jokerzwild says:

      isn’t it crazy it cost 10 bucks on ps3 buy is free on xbl?

    • Game 2 Gamer says:

      pirrate now

    • Jokerzwild says:

      i don’t see anything new on the forums

      • Game 2 Gamer says:

        thats why im asking whos here, if we have enough people ill move it there

        • CherryRasulka says:

          I’m here! Move it to the forums! Don’t get me wrong, don’t mind lurkers but when it comes down to code drops, it’s annoying

          • Game 2 Gamer says:

            i know but we only have around 4 or 5 people here

          • Jokerzwild says:

            4 or 5 members and 45 lurkers ( I have no idea ) 😛

            Right on G2G thanks again for another extravaganza, least a few more claimed then last week. So behave of all those I say thank you and /bow

          • CherryRasulka says:

            Well, if we all gets the codes, probably not what it is intended for…but we still love you! Where is the Pirate Pinball? Ms SplosionMan? Nah, I need a pirate Pinball

      • Jokerzwild says:

        that was some weird ghost type of a comment i made a couple lines up

  111. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Fable 3 Inquisitor Sword & Tattoo

  112. CherryRasulka says:

    Wish I was a pirate….I could do anything

  113. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Dragon Age II The Black Emporium & Mabari Warbound

  114. Dekester says:

    I think so, yea. Not the preorder stuff though.

  115. montow says:

    da2 at launch at such game breaking bugs =[

    • I heard about and saw a vid. on the infinite (was it money or XP?) bug!

      • montow says:

        i had to wait 2 or 3 months before they fixed a game breaking bug. the bugged dropped my attack speed so bad that i was fighting like i was casting slow on myself everybattle

  116. Game 2 Gamer says:

    MX vs ATV Alive James Stewarts compound

  117. Dekester says:

    Jimmy Stewart rides ATVs?

  118. Dekester says:

    To his mother, maybe.

  119. CherryRasulka says:

    anymore? Pirate’s are coming for me

  120. Game 2 Gamer says:

    How many users are still here?

  121. Jokerzwild says:

    wth a bunch of posts just poofed

  122. montow says:

    i am but my connection is slowed to a crawl

  123. Dekester says:

    i’m here

  124. Dekester says:

    Whereabouts on the forums?

  125. Dekester says:

    My mom says I’m worth at least 2 normal people….

  126. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Thanks to you all for coming!

  127. CherryRasulka says:

    K I at least need a code drop somewhere… I just burned my arm taking the cookie sheet out of the oven….it itches an burns……

  128. CherryRasulka says:

    So for those who did not claim…I’m gonna pull a mother instinct…….didn’t your mother teach you to say “Thank You” ?