L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Out Now

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Out Now

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Unlock the Double Action Revolver in GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlock the Revolver Red Dead Redemption 2


NEW TRAILER: Far Cry 5 – The Resistance

NEW TRAILER: Far Cry 5 - The Resistance

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Gears Of War 4 Review

Gears Of War 4 Review
Game Name: Gears Of War 4
Platforms: Xbox One
Publisher(s): Microsoft Studios
Developer(s): The Coalition
Genre(s): Action, 3rd Person Shooter
Release Date: October 11th, 2016
ESRB Rating: Mature

Now that we got the Gears that we all love, let’s face it, Judgement was just awful. Plain awful. We can get back to wave after wave of Horde. Gears of War 4 delivers like us fans hoped it would and in no way did it disappoint. The story was thrilling and captivating that made it hard to put down. This is what games have lost, the good old single player campaign with a great story… And yes, with incredible multiplayer.

Church Swarm

Church Swarm

The story starts 25 years later after the events that took place in Gears 3, we don’t know too much about what took place with Marcus, but we do know he has a son, JD (James) and he was a part of the COG until his best friend Del asked him to walk away from it. Now they fight to stay alive in a settlement. JD, along with Del and Kait stumble upon with seem to be Locus or now called Swarm. Kait’s mother gets taken by them, so JD and the others need’s the help of his dad Marcus because he knows what to do.



Upon finding Marcus, the crew finds themselves in conflict fighting the Swarm and the COG. There comes a point……….. SPOILER!!! DO NOT READ THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING SPOILED AND HEAD TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH. Where you (JD) and the crew, Marcus, Del and Kait get ambushed by swarm and one of the new Locust (swarm) things is called a Snatcher, what it does is it uses tentacles and basically swallows people and takes them to the hive. So one of the Snatchers jumps on Marcus and chokes him, this is shown in the trailer, I was under the impression that Marcus might die. I went on to say if Marcus dies I would quit the Gears franchise right then and there, thankfully he didn’t..



The story goes on and more is found out and what is going on and how the swarm came to be. As in most Gears fashion, we don’t get a clear end to the story and it sets up, (what we figure is going to be a trilogy) the next chapter in the Gears saga. As we stated, it is a very, very amazing story that we love! So let’s dive into the Multiplayer part of the game. There is a few new and improved parts of the online modes and other bonus’s.


They have added what they call “gear packs” these can be purchased online or in physical packs, with 4 cards per pack. The packs have chances to get items such as: weapon skins, bounty items, characters and others. There are different types of items that range in common, rare, Legendary and epic. The chances of what you get is random, but these all can improve you XP and level up faster.


The new Horde 3.0 mode is truly amazing, with 5 player co-op. With all new ways to fortify your position with every kill you make it power to build more fortifications. As before it’s wave after wave with every 10th wave a boss wave. And no, it does not get any easier from the past wave. There is of course the other modes, king of the hill, team death match and our favorite, dodge ball. Team dodge ball is a 5 on 5 were when you take out one of the other teams players, one of yours gets brought back and this goes on until one side is fully eliminated.


The Gears of War franchise is not going away anytime soon. And for the first time there is a cross platform that allows players to pick up right where the left of in a game and move to Windows 10 or to the Xbox one. This also allows players to play together online using both Windows 10 and Xbox one. The controls are spot on, the graphics, of course are flawless and the gameplay is beautiful. In an opinion, pick up this game.

Game 2 Gamer’s Score: 5/5

Frustration Level: 2 skulls

Replay Value: Very High


  1. Ciara Weaver says:

    Most awesome! I’ve been itching to pop some heads in the name of the COG! I’ve always been a Gears fan since the beginning. Judgment was a little stale and after watching the trailer and game play from others, it’s killing me! Here’s to hoping GOW4 is under the Christmas Tree for me! 🙂

  2. mike meginley says:

    Awesome review, I am loving Horde 3.0

    Its pretty amazing! I am looking forward to more of your reviews, great site so far.

  3. Shadowmanv4 says:

    Since i play the demo i want to play this game so badly :’v