One:12 Collective The Joker Deluxe Edition Is Up For Pre-Order Now!

One:12 Collective The Joker Is Up For Pre-Order





Games publisher EA has suspended in-game purchases in its latest Star Wars title Battlefront II, following criticism from players

Games publisher EA has suspended in-game purchases

News adds a free game with the purchase of Tacoma

Buy Tacoma on and get Event[0] for free – the free game applies to all past purchases, and the ones made before August 16.

We all know about pre-order incentives, but is again taking the other way around and is now offering post-release bonuses! After adding free games to some of the hottest pre-orders like Absolver + FuriHello Neighbor + Jazzpunk, the time has come to upgrade the offer on just released Tacoma. Buy the next game from the developers who gave us the lovely Gone Home, and get Event[0] for free!

Tacoma is a narrative adventure set aboard a high-tech space station in the year 2088. In space, no one can hear you bond. No one except the high-tech surveillance system which records and recreates the echoes left behind by the six people who used to live aboard the enigmatic Tacoma station. Now their lives, relationships, and peculiarities are yours to piece together, as you retrace their steps and interact with the objects they left behind.

Event[0] is an award-winning narrative exploration game where you must build a relationship with a lonely spaceship computer to get home. Set in a retro-future inspired by sci-fi classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, the game is about forging a personal relationship with your only companion, an insecure AI entity capable of procedurally generating over two million lines of dialog. The reality of your situation will emerge organically as you communicate with Kaizen and explore the mysterious ship in first-person perspective.

Both games will provide players with deep, story-driven, narrative experience within a sci-fi environment. So anyone who is looking for some captivating adventure games with a rich story, they can’t go wrong with this offer.

Event[0] is free with all purchases of Tacoma made before August 16, 5 PM UTC. All purchases made prior to the announcement, will be granted with a free copy of Event[0] automatically – users should check their games library.

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