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Out of Ammo Releasing January 30 for PlayStation VR


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Greg Hastings Paintball 2 Review

Greg Hastings Paintball 2 Review
Game Name: Greg Hastings Paintball 2
Platforms: PlayStation Network
Publisher(s): Majesco Entertainment
Developer(s): Super X Studios LLC
Genre(s): Shooter/Sports
Release Date: June 14, 2011
ESRB Rating: E 10+


Paintball is back with Greg Hasting Paintball 2, this has been the best franchise for a Paintball game and they have kept it going strong and added more and more features to the game for more choices, more customization and getting the player more involved than ever!

The most successful name in paintball—Greg Hastings—has packed a ton of new features into his PlayStation Network game debut. Greg Hastings Paintball 2 lets you brave the elements in the unpredictable outdoors in this intense first-person paintball experience. Get up to 14 friends together for fast-paced multiplayer action, test your skills in brand new scenario modes, manage a team of skilled players, and master a range of markers in the most realistic paintball videogame to date.



• All-New Locations: Explore new terrain at 62 unique and varied fields from 12 real paintball locations. Travel all over the US and Europe for a global paintball experience.
• More Multiplayer: Challenge friends in 7 multiplayer game types with up to 14 players.
o PlayStation Network matchmaking and leaderboards

o Local 2-player splitscreen multiplayer matches. Play together against bots or go head-to-head!

o A variety of playlists keep the multiplayer action going without interruption, or join players’ custom games for something out of the ordinary.

• All-New Changing Conditions: Up the ante with game-altering weather settings and hazards, such as rain, fog, wind and mud!

• Three New Event Branches: Players choose their path to glory in Tournament Speedball, Rec-ball and Tournament Woodsball,competing in 46 diverse events.

• All-New Gear: Equip your team with a wide selection of markers, goggles, jerseys, and accessories, as well as the latest special weapons such as pump guns, pistols, paint grenades and paint rocket launchers!

• Challenge Yourself in Seven Game Modes: Elimination, Capture the Flag, Single Flag, Point Capture, Assault, Sniper and Recon.

• Command Your Team: Manage a team of up to 10 paintballers by trading players, issuing field commands, and improving skills to increase your odds for victory.

• All-New Trading Card System: Check out your teammates’ trading cards as they win games, increase skills and buy gear. Featuring over a thousand real-life professional and amateur players from over a hundred teams! Unlock special abilities to play like the pros.

• Improved Map Editor: Now it’s even easier to create and edit your own fields to increase the challenge for you and play online with friends.

• All-New Cheat Meter: Avoid elimination by successfully “cheating” and wipe away paint splatter without being caught.

• Show Me the Money: Win tournaments to earn cash for new gear, players and skill upgrades!

• Improved Controls: Quickly switch weapons, gun hands, and snap out of cover with absolute accuracy.

• Pull off Highlight-Reel Style Moves: Dive behind bunkers and slide into cover as the crowd goes wild.

• Earn Dozens of Achievements: Strive to be the best on all gaming platforms.

• PlayStation Move motion controller support: Make precise shots in the thick of battle with the Move motion controller.



Now this is Playstation “Move” enabled, we just with that they would decide to release it on Xbox 360 as well, maybe huh? The gameplay is there and keeps the player active and entertained although the graphics do lack for a Playstation 3 game, you have to remember it is a PSN download game so there is only so much that you can pack into a game with the amount of space that PSN allows you to put up. If you can get past the graphics issue than the game itself is perfect.



With running, driving behind bunkers and trying to pick off the other team you strive to become the best. You get to also fully customize your players outfit and look. Credit also can be given for the map layouts and designs. Each map has just the right amount of cover (bunkers) for the player to hide behind to figure and plan out a strategy to each map. And as well you can create and build your very own map and place cover were you would like and give it a try on or offline.



The customization is purely amazing, if you’re a hard core paintball fan than you know the difference between going into a match with the right set up. You get to build your own team, outfit them the way you see best and as the game goes on you can purchase new equipment and upgrade gear, C02 tanks and Markers. You can even swap out the equipment for every match. Sadly though, the game does let you yell out commands to your team to try and strategist to win, but in a fast paced match with paintball’s flying around and a little moving space this feature was hardly used, but it is there for the players that want complete control over the team.



All in all Greg Hastings Paintball 2 is a fun game and hours of play in it. We do wish as we said it was multi-platform. The load times are amazingly fast and seems to be almost no waiting at all between multi-player or career mode. The $19.99 price tag seems to justify the amount of game you get, but we think if it was $14.99 it may attract new players to try it out. We hope this is a new beginning for the Greg Hastings Paintball games and they learn from a few things in the game.

Game 2 Gamer’s Final Score 3 / 5

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