Xbox: New Games for Feb. 19-25

Xbox Releases Feb 19-25


Jurassic World Pinball™ Roars Onto Pinball FX3 Today for All Major Platforms

Jurassic World Pinball Out Today


McFarlane Toys teaming with Call of Duty to Create Collectible Figures

McFarlane Toys to Create CoD Figures



Japan PS Plus July (Killzone Shadowfall, Gravity Rush Remastered, Child of Light)…23-psplus.html

Sony had asked Japanese fans to vote for the games they’d like to see made available in the monthly lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The top three titles that were selected were Killzone: Shadow Fall, Child of Light and the PS4 version of Gravity Daze (known as Gravity Rush Remastered in the West). As a result, these three games will be available to download for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers from Wednesday, July 5, 2017 to August 1, 2017.

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