L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Out Now

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Out Now

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Unlock the Double Action Revolver in GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlock the Revolver Red Dead Redemption 2


NEW TRAILER: Far Cry 5 – The Resistance

NEW TRAILER: Far Cry 5 - The Resistance

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Monster Hunter World (XB1/PS4, PC later, Early 2018) E3 info [Up: Effectively MH5]

Monster Hunter: World has been in development for four years.

Originally, it was going to be called “Monster Hunter 5”, but the development team really liked the name, “World”

The Base Camp spawns in random places. Each time a hunt starts, hunters will be at a different Base Camp.

Hunters can change weapons and armor midhunt by going to the Base Camp. This feature was added due to there usually being multiple large monsters in an area and from each having a different strength or weakness.

Hunters can now hunt freely without being held back by the main objective/quest, even if the quest is complete. Hunters can hunt freely without any limits now.

Hunters use Scout Flies as guides to help them navigate the area if they can’t find the monster and to find certain items, including drool and footprints.

The monsters can easily change the environment you are fighting in with certain attacks and destroying certain objects.

Each large monster in a location has a territory in a certain part of the area. In some cases, hunters may need to lure another threat into their territory in order to get their target to reveal itself.

By hiding from monsters, hunters can avoid fighting them or prepare for a silent escape from the battle.

Capcom thought about giving the monsters health bars due to a majority of people. Globally, fans requested for a way to see how much damage they were dealing, so Capcom decided to add damage numbers to the this game.

The Quest Giver was fully voiced in English, and she sent the hunter on a quest to hunt an Anjanath, the T-rex-like monster shown in the reveal.

Hunters can quickly pick up resources as they run by, meaning you don’t have to stop and wait for foraging animations.


Nintendo Switch- Are there plans for a Nintendo Switch version?


– There are no plans for now.



For new people coming in, here’s a recap of info that has been shared so far by Capcom employees who have worked on/with Monster Hunter.

A 4:56 video that shows a bit more extended footage of the things we’ve already seen.

Monster Hunter: World is not a spin-off.

Monster Hunter: World was worked on by the main development team in Japan.

You can play offline.

Fishing, mining, and capturing bugs still in the game.

All 14 weapon types confirmed in the game.

Tails still cuttable.

Hunt, Carve, Forge loop is still there.

Still has the same rewarding and challenging gameplay.

Health, stamina, potions, sharpness still present.

Sound still plays after making a good well done steak.

Targeting locked 30FPS across all platforms (referring to console).

The game uses the MT Framework. Maybe PC as well, weird wording in this one.

Insect Glaive will be in the game.

When asked about Hunter Arts, response was “Brand new title. Brand new gameplay systems in place!”

Separate maps, but zones are gone!

More clarification on maps/zones: “It’s not open world game, but all the maps are massive and wide open, without any loading screens :)”

Charge Blade is in, Tonfa is not.

No underwater combat.

No Prowler Mode in Monster Hunter World.

Palicoes are in the game.

In-game voice chat is supported.

You can either choose to sneak past small monsters to avoid fighting them, or kill them to collect/loot their bodies. The world is “hella flexible.”

Gestures will be present in Monster Hunter: World.

They are completely focused on World for the western markets, and Monster Hunter: World is once again confirmed as the next main title in the series.

After being asked if there will be a Monster Hunter 5 or a game for the Japanese audiences, they reply was: “This is the next generation of Monster Hunter!”

You can both do drop-in/drop-out co-op, or form a pre-hunt party in Monster Hunter: World.

Multiplayer is online-only, there is no local co-op.

Monsters will not have health bars, but damage numbers will appear.

Monster Hunter World is confirmed to NOT have regenerating health. I guess there was a rumor going around about this? Idk..

Japanese Twitter showed off some new screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5. As well as a new title card image.

Started demo off with just one hunter, he tracked the new monster with “scout flies” …

when the battle got rough, he led the new monster to Rathalos Nest very high up in the environment.

Rathalos was pissed to see the hunter and the monster creeping into his lair and preceded to wreck everything.

Great animations of the monsters fighting each other. The lone hunter sends signal flare and 3 other devs join mid battle.

Lots of vertical combat, more than MH4. Seems all hunters have a grappling hook.

The monsters interactions with each other was very cool, they encountered 3 different large monsters during demo.

One of them ate an herbivore whole lol.

The rapid fire on the heavy bowgun is a special ability.

The combat looks and feels like traditional monster hunter with quality of life improvements.

Day and night cycle is realtime, Rathalos destroyed a dam which cause an area to flood. Sweeping 2 of the hunters out of the area.

I really like that they went back to a more prehistoric feeling and mood to the game.

The fours hunters fighting together looked awesome, Rathalos has many new attacks, throws and animations.

The bow has a nice new attack which drops small bombs on top of the monsters.

I think they finally updated the Rathalos model haha.

I wish it was a bit more stylized, but the Graphics look great.

Starts by showing extended trailer I think?, notes no loading screens between areas but it’s not a fully connected open world.

Ryozo (Capcom) wants to note ‘living breathing world’, monsters all have intelligent AI and desires/interactions, world going on around you and you can use their interactions to your advantage.

Interviewer asks about stealth sequence we saw – Ryozo notes there are new suit items like mantles, new one from the trailer, cannot have on all the time, has a cooldown. Also opposite which lets you lure monsters towards you.

Interviewer asks how multiplayer is being approached – Ryozo notes previously it was 4 player, going to hub, questing, etc. New game will include drop-in multiplayer via shooting up flair part way through quest (same as in trailer).

Interviewer asks whether hunter lounges will exist – Ryozo confirms ‘of course’.

Interviewer asked about joined servers (related to global presumably) – Ryozo notes that yes, all servers merged into one, everyone will play together, simultaneous launch as well.

Interviewer asks about any new tweaks to combat system – Ryozo wants to assure everyone all 14 weapons are in, they know hunting is core gameplay, not removing anything, building on base from previous titles. Goes on to talk about ‘slinger’ (grappling hook item), can also pick up rocks and use slinger to launch rocks around.

Interviewer makes joke about meat on the spit.

Monster Hunter: World is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One early 2018! PC version coming at a later date.

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