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Samsara Review


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Princess Connect Re: Dive pre-registration opened

Cygames has opened pre-registration for Princess Connect Re: Dive, its upcoming “anime RPG” announced for iOS and Android in August 2016. It will launch in 2017.

Cygames will reward Jewel bonuses to players at the start of the game depending on the number of pre-registrations:

  • 10,000 pre-registrations – 150 Jewels (enough for one Gacha play)
  • 30,000 pre-registrations – 300 Jewels (enough for two Gacha plays)
  • 50,000 pre-registrations – 450 Jewels (enough for three Gacha plays)
  • 100,000 pre-registrations – 750 Jewels (enough for five Gacha plays)
  • 150,000 pre-registrations – 1050 Jewels (enough for seven Gacha plays)
  • 200,000 pre-registrations – 1500 Jewels (enough for 10 Gacha plays)

Cygames also announced that it will release a “Princess Connect Re: Dive Priconne Character Song 01? CD on September 20 for 1,200 yen, which includes the songs “Lost Princess” (theme song) sung by characters Priconne (voiced by MAO), Kokkoro (voiced by Miku Ito), and Kyaru (voiced by Rika Tachibana), and “Tsunagu Mono” sung by Yui (voiced by Risa Taneda), Hiyori (voiced by Nao Toyama), and Rei (voiced by Saori Hayami).

Visit the game’s relaunched official website here and official Twitter account here.


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