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Steep Review


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Red Faction Battlegrounds Review

Red Faction Battlegrounds Review
Game Name: Red Faction Battlegroundsx
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3
Publisher(s): THQ
Developer(s): THQ
Genre(s): Dual-Joystick Shooter, Vehicular Combat
Release Date: April 5, 2011
ESRB Rating: E 10+

Red Faction: Battlegrounds is a twin stick shooter developed by Syfy Games and published by THQ. It is a top down view, arena based, vehicular combat game with the destructive gameplay that relates to the Red Faction franchise.



The game gives you two options to choose from, the training courses or the multiplayer. To begin with, the training courses act as tutorial missions to get you accustomed to the feel of the game. For each mission, you are given a vehicle (mech, tank, dune buggy, etc.) and an objective that you need to complete. Once you complete specific objective in each mission (kill all enemies, capture the flag, shoot all mines, survival, etc.), you are assessed based on your time taken to complete the objective or time lived for the survival gametype. Once you beat a level by attaining at least a bronze star, you unlock the next mission on the list.



These so called training missions also have a quite detached connection to the Red Faction franchise when it comes to the storyline. You have a commander screaming down your back in every mission trying to train you for the real world and make you into a soldier. There are 16 of these missions that could absorb some people into striving to attain all gold stars for each level but apart from that, the first playthrough shouldn’t take more than a mere 1 hour to complete. There is basically no replay value in these SP training missions beyond that.



The next option you get is XBL multiplayer. It gives you a whole array of customizability options to tweak your game to your preference and get a lobby going. What I noticed after playing a bit of the multiplayer though is that there really aren’t too many people playing this game anymore. The game’s community has just sort of died and withered away. Whenever I tried looking for a game, I could only find 1-2 lobbies at any given time.



You get EXP for completing missions in the SP & winning in the MP. This EXP earned ranks you up levels which in turn reward you with certain new vehicles. There are a total of 20 levels you can achieve and the only real option to get there would be to either run through the training missions monotonously or find a group to play with.



The gameplay is pretty fun overall with the maps being covered with explosive barrels and stations everywhere. You also get a good variety of maps to pick from and the destruction is quite fun but once all the explosives are gone (happens pretty quick due to stray shots), games turn into a claustrophobic mess especially in the training missions. The camera view is placed so far away from the actual vehicle itself, that sometimes it becomes so hard to determine where you are even located at, what’s going on around you or what you have gotten stuck on.



There are also certain special pickups that periodically appear around the map that give you special weapons. These include a regular mine, an auto repair tool, a shield pickup, singularity bomb (opens up a black hole that sucks up a quarter of the map), etc. The whole online experience quickly disintegrates into a frenzy of explosions and repetitive gameplay.

One thing that I did notice about this game though is the artwork. The maps are well built with some beautiful detail and design. Also, ranking up in this game gives you unique content in Red Faction: Armageddon which may be an incentive for the hardcore fans of the franchise.

In conclusion, Red Faction: Battlegrounds seems like a waste of $10 which you should reserve for much more deserving games than this. Final words, nope.

Game 2 Gamer’s Final Score 2 / 5


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  1. Wuvein says:

    I got my copy with my pre-order only reason I plan to play it is to get the unlocks for Red Faction Armageddon

  2. Jokerzwild says:

    Nice review, I hate when muliplayer lobbies are empty, I play at odd times during the day and makes it super hard to get enough people to play sometimes

  3. Yep, as the review says, there really is no point replaying the missions and if anyone needs help with the MP, add me on XBL. I’d be glad to host a game for you!!

  4. montow says:

    even if its a bad game at least it had unlocks for Armageddon

  5. Tony Lee says:

    2/5 hmmm not too shabby. Looks and sounds fun! Driving vehicles in a detail map; can’t wait!

  6. CherryRasulka says:

    wow, a 2 out of 5! I’d still maybe check it out…did a tweet also!

  7. Jokerzwild says:

    oh by the way i’m Mysticfail on twitter

  8. HaloRach says:

    Bummer, 2 stars makes me sad. but good to know….retweeted as well (same name)

  9. Fievel Lee says:

    Thanks for the review 😉

  10. jflux98 says:

    game looks worthy of considering. good review

  11. Jonny459 says:

    Thanks for the review. It’s a good one. Following and retweeted on twitter. @Jonnymovgamer

  12. VDH360 says:

    I really enjoyed Red Faction Guerrilla but the late twist in the franchise didn’t caught my attention. The good thing is that you can use many vehicles from guerrilla in RF Battlegrounds which is kind of fun.
    RTed @vdh360

  13. Tom Souter says:

    I’m loving armageddon, I want this even if it’s not so great

  14. Rennie says:

    Pretty low score .. still worth checking out though – Even if it is a demo (or a free code from this great website ) 🙂

  15. Tom Souter says:

    and I’m TPSou on Twitter

  16. TreatmentOfThor says:

    2 out of 5 stars?
    hmm…thought that 2 sticks shooters would always be good for some hours of fun 😉

  17. alee says:

    Too bad the game isn’t better. Useful to know. Thanks for the review!

  18. Juan Sanchez says:

    I forgot my password to my Game2Gamer account 🙁 So in the meantime, I’m using a “Guest” account! LOL Anyways, Red Faction Battlegrounds “looks” like a good game, hopefully it “plays” like an amazing game. Good luck everybody! ^_^

  19. eugaet says:

    Your review seems to fall in line with the others I’ve read. Too bad the game didn’t turn out better. But I’d give it a shot for free… 😉

  20. Chronorayven says:

    Well it looks like the game is good for a couple of hours or maybe just two. I’ll see how it is since I’m a fan of twinstick shooters.

  21. Winner has been picked guys. ‘Gratz to whoever received it!! Hit me up if you wish to play it sometime.

  22. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Check your email guys to see if you won! (or your spam)

  23. Rennie says:

    that’ll be a no then:(

  24. Jokerzwild says:

    Thanks very much for the Red Faction Battlegrounds code!

  25. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Battlegrounds last 5 digits