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Super Meat Boy Review / Interview

Super Meat Boy Review / Interview
Game Name: Super Meat Boy
Platforms: Xbox Live Marketplace, PC, Mac, Wii Ware
Publisher(s): Headup Games, Team Meat
Developer(s): Team Meat
Genre(s): Action, Puzzle
Release Date: Octber 20, 2010
ESRB Rating: T

We got out hands on a copy of Super Meat Boy from the Duo over at Team Meat and because we got forced to put the game down we finally got a chance to write the review for it.


We also sat down with Team Meat for a Q&A with them and you can listen to what they have to say!


Part 2


And now on with the review!



Let’s take away everything about the game, the free content coming out,  the many many levels of the game, take everything away, and its almost like an addiction. I have never been addicted to a drug or anything but if I was, this would be my drug. As soon as you start that first level seeing, “oh, wow! I can slide on a wall and jump off of it like a ninja!” then as soon as you are playing around with that comes the sprint and the long jump.


The game has the perfect amount of frustration, so when you die, and die you will, cannot put the controller down because you’re so addicted to it and you think to yourself, “I’ll get it this time!” and you find yourself going through another 10-15 levels just because its so fun to see at the end of every level you beat it shows all your tries, so all the Super Meat Boys that didn’t make it throughout that level you she them, very fun  to watch and interesting!



The controls of the game are spot on. I have yet to have a death due to controls. There is no lag in them, when I want to jump on a very small platform i can with precise controls. I have got to say this is a game that in a long time I feel like I had complete control of the character with no un-wanted moves.



I also feel as if I got 2 games in 1 because you get to play the main game, then it has “dark world” levels and that adds so much more to the game, as well as the warp zone levels. These warp zone levels are a completely different game. Some are the good ol’ SNES style game and then another completely different game like one of my favorites the commander.



The break down – if you are on a budget or if you’re just going to pick up one game from Xbox Live Arcade this would be it. With everything you get, LOTS of replay, more levels and content to be added and free! This is on Game 2 Gamer’s top games of the year.

Game 2 Gamer’s final score  4 / 5

Frustration Level  


  1. CherryRasulka says:

    Team Meat is funny! Seems like a fun game for sure!

  2. Great interview, I love it!! 😉

  3. deibler says:

    Always wanted to get this game, looks frustrating as hell but fun.

  4. Dekester says:

    I love 2-d platformers but this one seemed so intimidatingly difficult. I’m still intrigued though.

  5. TWFJJ90 says:

    really looking forward to this game looks awesome

  6. liljrSanchez says:

    Listened to all of it and they seem pretty chillaxed group of people for Game Developers. Love the profanity! 😛

  7. One of the best platformers ever, very hard and very good, one difficult amazing and a history pretty xD

  8. Anyone here play the flash game?!? Good times 😀

  9. TheGangi says:

    Great review. I’ve wanted to get this game but haven’t had the money.

  10. Pushaman55 says:

    I wanted this game cuz it won XBLA game of the year and I didn’t understand why. Out of everything I’ve read about this game, I must say that this article makes me want to get it now. Very precise and full of details. Now I see why. Thanks a lot for the article.

  11. CherryRasulka says:

    not I! I remember watching a friend play it though

  12. Daniel Nguyen says:

    Great interview, can’t wait to try this out!

  13. Wuvein says:

    man that game does look crazy

  14. OtakuDante says:

    I’ve always wanted Super Meat Boy, even before I became an Xbox 360 gamer. I absolutely love a good challenge, and I’ve heard that’s what this game is all about. I do hope I’m not to late for the giveaway! Please Count me in 😉

  15. montow says:

    This game will definitely make someone want to throw their controller at the tv

  16. Jokerzwild says:

    This is a great game. totally took me back to the old school days

  17. Mr. Chris says:

    I tried this game a while back and immediately got frustrated with it. Maybe I didn’t give it a fair chance. Good review…thanks!

    Twitter: @PriusGuy2004

  18. eugaet says:

    Every interview w/ Team Meat I ever read/heard has been highly entertaining. This one is no exception.

  19. WatchGrassGrow says:

    Not gonna lie, Rapture was pure hell. And then there was the two areas after that.

  20. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Last 5 of super meat boy