“Spawn” writer Jon Goff writing the story for Crackdown 3 campaign

“Crackdown 3” marks the explosive return.

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite fourth gameplay trailer, screenshots

Featuring Nemesis, Haggar, Frank West, Spider-Man, and Gamora.

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Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match

New Girls und Panzer game due out this winter in Japan.

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The official website for Bandai Namco The Seven Deadly Sins: The Britannian Traveler is open

Bandai Namco has opened the official website for its newly announced PlayStation 4 action game The Seven Deadly Sins: The Britannian Traveler.

The website provides the first two direct-feed screenshots of the game.

A release date and price for The Seven Deadly Sins: The Britannian Traveler have yet to be announced.

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