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Titanfall 2 Prima Guide

When Prima does a strategy guide, they do a GUIDE. And they go all out. And that is an understatement for the guide to Titanfall 2. Getting the most out of the game is important, especially when we spend are hard earned money on games that just seem to be going up in price, so why not get the most out of it? Well, Prima is here to help.

Prima offers us two different options for ether the standard guide or the collector’s edition. Both guides will help you improve your game and both guides come with the free e-guide, but the amazing looking collector’s edition features a hard cover and a 14-month calendar free!

For those of us gamers that enjoy a full campaign and love to find every little nook and cranny and find all the pilot helmets and be a completionst, well no fear because Prima went through the entire campaign with a step-by-step walkthrough and found every little thing you need to know, every location for the helmets and hints and tricks in order for you to get through the game without that frustration.


Most gamers love the idea that we can customize something that we love to make it our own, well with Titanfall 2 we can change just about anything, and the Prima guide gives you a detailed guide that help you learn and discover all the loadouts to get the most out of you pilot and titan. The guide gives us a break down of each kit, ability and weapon. No stone left unturned.

And then there was multiplayer…. But we got this, right? When using the guide we get each map with the best tactics to help you dominate each map and rank up faster. The guide does cover each game mode so you can get your best strategy for each map on each mode. We found be following some of the guide tactics we were able to get further and more kills. No don’t get me wrong. There is SO much to learn, but the guide has it for you!

To grab you complete Titanfall 2 guide visit

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