Gears of War 4 Xbox One X Enhancements

Gears of War 4K enhancements


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC characters Android 13 and Tapion, free Hero Colosseum update launch this fall

Play a strategic board game with mysterious handheld figurines.


The Next Chaos Code Toushinsai 2017 trailer

New footage of the Chaos Code sequel.



TOMB RAIDER | Video – Making of Turning Point E3 Trailer

Square Enix released the behind the scenes video of the E3 trailers of some major hits that are upcoming.
Look at the effort that went into the Tomb Raider scans with the detail!

This is one game that we at G2G are looking forward to taking a crack at!

Please leave your feedback, we want to know what you think of this game!

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  1. Jokerzwild says:

    look good I hope they do it right