Samsara Review

Samsara Review


Xbox: New Games for Feb. 19-25

Xbox Releases Feb 19-25


Jurassic World Pinball™ Roars Onto Pinball FX3 Today for All Major Platforms

Jurassic World Pinball Out Today



Torchlight XBLA Giveaway

We’ve posted the first part of the code on twitter (!/Game_2_Gamer) and we’ve got the second part here: H9J2G. Find the rest spread across our Forums, Facebook Page, and Twitter!


  1. TheJKCProductions says:

    I dont see it on the forums

    • Game 2 Gamer says:

      look under the contests and giveaways. you have to register on the forums to see the post

      • WatchGrassGrow says:

        I like how you made it so you had to do a bit more of a hunt for this one. I think that’s how most codes for games should be given away. It’d also be nice if older/minor DLC things didn’t have a ? in them, just because new and great things should be harder to earn, old and less wanted things easier.
        That’s just my 2 cents though.

  2. ilRadd says:

    Finally found all the pieces (I was asleep when you did this) – someone got it, as it was already used.

    Thanks as always for running these contests.