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Transformers Dark Of The Moon Review

Transformers Dark Of The Moon Review
Game Name: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
Platforms: Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Wii Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS
Publisher(s): Activision
Developer(s): High Moon Studios, Inc. Behaviour Interactive
Genre(s): Action
Release Date: June 14, 2011
ESRB Rating: T

More than just a robot, more than just a vehicle (enter the good ol’ “More than meets the eye” here). Transformers is back once again with the 4th game to hit console and with every release the franchise has been getting better with each game. Dark Of The Moon has a kick-ass story and an even better Multiplayer that made War for Cybertron a hit!



It has been three years since MEGATRON and the DECEPTICONS last threatened the world. Earth’s leaders believe that MEGATRON has fled the planet in defeat-but OPTIMUS PRIME knows better. An alien transmission is intercepted, exposing MEGATRON’S plan to spread chaos and fear among the humans, and unleash the ultimate DECEPTICON assassin: SHOCKWAVE! The AUTOBOTS must hunt MEGATRON, neutralize SHOCKWAVE, and save their new home from total destruction at the hands of the DECEPTICONS.



Transformers Dark of the Moon lets you play both sides of the story, Decepticons and Autobots. Each chapter has different mission objectives, and you get to try different modes and game styles that previous games didn’t have such as you get to do stealth, sneak up behind Decepticons and Melee then for extra damage. One of the new features added to the game is “Stealth Force” you get to roll around in vehicle mode but with your weapons out and you do more damage, you also have the ability to “Lock On” to targets with this mode. You can easily go from stealth mode to full car or robot mode very easy to change into the best mode to get the job done.



Some of the new features that Transformers Dark Of The Moon has is:


Stealth Force – Engage in epic vehicular combat

Change the battle and instantly convert to a third, hybrid form that combines the weapons and firepower of robot mode with the agility and maneuverability of vehicle mode.

Prologue Storyline

Experience the gripping battles and heart-pumping moments that occur before Michael Bay’s upcoming blockbuster film: Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Unravel MEGATRON’S plan to unleash the ultimate DECEPTICON assassin: SHOCKWAVE. Play both sides as the iconic AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON TRANSFORMERS characters



Wage War online

Jet, Truck or Car – Choose from three distinct character class chassis and unique weapon loadouts to create your own TRANSFORMERS character. Level up your character – Earn XP in every match and unlock new character skills and abilities.



Stealth Force Edition

Exclusively on the Wii and 3DS, the war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS continues in Stealth Force Mode. Control heavily weaponized vehicles as you engage in epic vehicular combat to save earth from total destruction.



Split Screen Multiplayer (Wii Only)

Wage war with a friend in split screen multiplayer.

Vehicular Combat

Play the entire game in stealth force – and wield the power of high intensity weapons in vehicular combat.



18 stealth force missions

Wage war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS in Urban, Desert and Frozen locations from Siberia to the South American Deserts.



The Multiplayer is incredible, you can play different games as team deathmatch and full out all for one Deathmatch. You can choose between different classes of Transformers to use, from Scout (Bumblebee and smaller) to larger classes as Optimus Prime and Megatron. For each kill you get points and asst points for helping your teammates. When you get enough points you rank up and by ranking up you unlock new abilities for each class and get the edge over others in the game.



The game length is a little short, but it is satisfying at the same time, you get to jump back and forth between playing the Autobots campaign and Decepticons campaign, instead of past games were you can choose the side you want. I liked this way better because it follows a prologue that leads up to the EPIC release of the movie. The CGI cut scenes are amazing, and they have hired actors with real film footage in the CGI cut scenes which was a nice touch.



Controls are very well put together, but it takes a second to get the hang of car mode and stealth force mode, in stealth force mode you can strafe and attack, but as soon as you turn to vehicle mode you car/truck will accelerate and go, so if you want to sit back and let health regenerate DO NOT go into vehicle mode for it will drive away. Something I would have liked to be added would be when in robot mod a target lock would make things a little easier on attacking. You get 2 different modes of firing power, a main weapon and a more powerful but slower weapon. Each Transformer also has a special  (or 2) attack that takes time to recharge. But when used it can be a devastating weapon. These are triggered by using LB/L1 or RB/R1 buttons.



In some of the missions you get to try something that’s never been done in a transformers game before, and this is instead of going in guns blazing you get to use stealth to sneak around and fight or cloak yourself. In chapter IV you play as Decepticon Soundwave, later in the mission you come to a part where Soundwave cannot enter, so he deploys Laserbeak, a smaller Decepticon that can fit into the place to get the job done, but since Laserbeak is smaller he can’t attack larger Autobots he has to sneak around and take the shape of objects and stun them then use the special ability to attack. A nice new touch to the Transformers games to make for a different type of gameplay.



The game is worth the money and time playing it, if you are a fan of the series, cartoon, movies or toys the game is true to the car and easy for new fans to be brought into the series. It’s sad, but good that Transformers disappeared for a while in the 90’s and it is a good thing because if all the Transformers movies and games hit back in that era it would have failed and wouldn’t be what it is today.


Game 2 Gamer’s Final Score 4 / 5




  1. amelia avossa says:

    Look Epic. and action packed. i will defintly be buying it and hogging it from my partner. Woop i really cant wait.

  2. Looks amazing. A definite for a Transformers’ mad son.

  3. montow says:

    i never found tie-in movie games to ever be good, but after reading your review and the score i might want to at least try this out. Besides its transformers

  4. CherryRasulka says:

    Awesome! That’s cool you get the option of playing both sides. You can go back through the game and not have it the same!!

  5. Rennie says:

    It does in deed look good – But i have this underlying issue with transformers games, ever since all my gamerscore for the first one got wiped i never wanted to play with them again 🙁

  6. Halorach says:

    Sweet a movie game that doesn’t suck?Good review thanks

  7. Jokerzwild says:

    Cool manI love seeing games get good reviews, so many good games out these days. The skill level and quality in the community is getting so competitive

  8. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Transformers Sideswipe Character

    ready for the rest??

  9. Keklar says:


  10. Game 2 Gamer says:


    Post if you got it!

  11. Sinfullbullet says:

    Unvalid? 🙁

  12. Game 2 Gamer says:

    Post if you get it

    Transformers Dark Of the Moon Sideswipe

  13. Brian Staulcup says:

    Got it! Thanks!

  14. liljrSanchez says:

    I was thinking of picking up Transformers: Dark of the Moon but then I thought to myself…. Meh! Gonna grab FEAR 3 instead 😛

  15. While not completely accepting the harsh criticisms that made TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN a favorite example among critics and bloggers on how not to make an enduring tentpole, Bay argued that the ’08 writers’ strike forced him to go into production with an unpolished, if not unfinished, script. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have that excuse this time out.