L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Out Now

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Out Now

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NEW TRAILER: Far Cry 5 - The Resistance

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Twisted Pixel Q&A on Ms ‘Splosion Man, Life, Games and crazy bonus items!

So by now we all heard Twisted Pixel has announced the newest game coming from the minds of The Maw & Comic Jumper is Ms ‘Splosion Man




Answers: Jay Stuckwisch, Marketing Director/2D Artist



Question:  So, the game is newly released, but what can you tell us about it? was the idea always there for a Ms 'Slposion Man always there?


A:  Before we finished Comic Jumper we started thinking about what our next game should be, and when the idea came up for giving Splosion Man the “Pac-Man” treatment, we couldn’t resist.  When Ms. Pac-Man came along people were surprised by how much better the game was even though the core mechanic remained the same.  That’s what we set out to do with Ms. Splosion Man.  But at the same time, she’s her own character, with her own quirky personality, and she gets outside the labs whereas Mr. Splosion Man didn’t.  So there’s a lot of new stuff to explore in Ms. Splosion Man.


Q: One of the things I loved, and I think I can speak for the fans is the little references to other games, such as Comic Jumper had the boss of ‘Splosin Man, and the 'Splosion man arcade in the base. Anything like that we may see?


A:  We always like to reference back to our other games, along with all the references to movies, music and TV we like to scatter throughout.  You can be sure to expect plenty of that in Ms. Splosion Man too 😉


Q: Ok so besides that, what about exclusives? Such as the bonus levels for ‘Splosin man and Gamer pictures from Comic Jumper that we could unlock? P.S. I love the avatar bonuses! Any more?


A:  Of course, we LOVE bonus content, and we have no shortage of it in MsSM.  That’s one of our favorite things to do!  Also, we just recently announced the implementation of “TMS Challenges” which allows us to offer modified and new levels that people can compete on in order to win real world prizes like trophies, shirts, signed posters, etc.  Of course all this content will be free, but will disappear after a limited time, so people should check www.mssplosionman.com for challenge updates frequently.



Q: Is Ms. ‘Splosion Man going to be the same idea and play style or different from ‘Splosion Man? What can you tell us about 2 girls 1 controller?


A:  For the most part gameplay is the same single button sploding mechanic, however the levels have a lot more puzzle challenges, propulsion systems and meat sploding goodness that will have the same feel as the original but offer a new freshness we think people will enjoy.  As far as 2 girls one controller, control 2 splosion gals with one controller and try to maintain your sanity.  Attempt it if you dare 😛


Q: Now that you guys have a few games under your belts, The Maw, ‘Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, is there any chance Twisted Pixel might release all the games on a single disc to get to fans without live?


A:  No plans as of now to do anything like that, but it is a pretty cool idea.  Soon we may have too many games to even fit on a DVD!



Q: What new little sound bites can we expect? Because I admit, I have the “Boom goes my ringtone” from Comic Jumper as my ringtone right now, so any fun little songs as well or downloads from you guys? I gotta say I loved playing the Beta and hearing Ms. 'Splosion Man sing a few little lyrics from songs!


A:  Cool, thank you.  Actually, tons of music in this game from audio guru Matt “Chainsaw” Chaney and the two epic composers from the first game have returned as well: Joshua Mosley and John DeBorde.  I have already heard from people that these songs are stuck in their head.  No worries, they will all be available for free on the MsSM website soon 😀



Q:  For Ms. ‘Splosion man do you think later on their might be some DLC released? Like more levels or such?


A:  Totally depends on demand from fans!  In the meantime, though, we are dedicated to whipping up some cool TMS Challenges where people can regularly access new content and compete for prizes.


Q: What can you tell us about Ms. Splosion Man without giving to much away? the story? or any little surprises?


A:  We have a TON of bonus content and the previously mentioned TMS Challenges will keep the game fresh.  There are 2 endings, one for single player and one for multiplayer, so be sure to beat them both to see all the magic.


Q: Why a “Ms. ‘Splosin Man” and why not just a ‘Splosion Man 2 or is this basically a part 2?


A:  First, we wanted to play up the reference to Ms. Pac-Man, which was a game that built on an established mechanic but was a superior experience over the original in every way.  But also, we wanted people to know that this wasn’t just a rehash of the original game.  It has a ton of new gameplay and a brand new protagonist to emphasize that fact.


Q: Any tricks up the sleeves at Twisted Pixel you can hint at?


A:  We always have tricks up our sleeves, but nothing I can tell you at this time.  All I can say is keep an eye on us, we have some awesome things to come 😉



  1. Pretty sweet interview, it’s always nice to see into the lives/jobs of your favourite game devs :mrgreen:

  2. Waddy101 says:

    This interview is quite good, seems to cover a lot XD. Although the bit about TMS challenges has me intrigued so now i want to see what they cook up, the ones so far have been awesome.

  3. Jokerzwild says:

    Good interview! I like what they doing and the Zen table is a good score, sure it will push the brand quite a bit.