The official website for Bandai Namco The Seven Deadly Sins: The Britannian Traveler is open

First screenshots of the upcoming action game.

Beauty Meets Beauty And Beauty In Nights of Azure 2’s New Trailers

Nights of Azure 2’s New Trailers

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Maitetsu coming to PS4

PlayStation 4 version due out on September 28 in Japan.


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We are currently looking for future reviewers.

If you think that is you, then read on. We are going to add to our team, we are looking for a few people to fill in some of the gaps in the games we have not gotten time to get to. These would be the current games that have been released in the past year and coming out.

If you think you have the skills, feel free to contact us and send us an email at:

Send over some samples or anything relevant to help us see you skills in writing.

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  1. Robert Perez says:

    I used to review games but please be more specific as in which games….ok….thank you….