L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Out Now

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Out Now

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NEW TRAILER: Far Cry 5 - The Resistance

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Captain America Super Soldier Review

Captain America Super Soldier Review
Game Name: Captain America Super Soldier
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP
Publisher(s): SEGA
Developer(s): Marvel Studios, Next Level Games, Inc.
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Super Hero
Release Date: July 19,, 2011
ESRB Rating: T

Become Captain America, the ultimate Super-Soldier, as you face the Red Skull’s army in this gripping original third-person action adventure set in the darkest days of World War II. Wield Captain America’s legendary shield to take out enemies at a distance, interact with your environment, and deflect incoming fire back at foes as you traverse Hydra’s massive castle to save the world from Cap’s villainous archenemies.

Get ready to hurl yourself shield-first into the fray—create your own superhuman feats with the superior force of the world’s first Super-Soldier at your fingertips.



Play as Captain America


  • Battle enemies bent on world domination in a unique World War II setting, using your Super-Soldier abilities to infiltrate a castle overrun by the forces of Hydra and destroy the forces of evil.

Wield Cap’s Legendary Shield


  • Your shield delivers a variety of punishing missile attacks, as well as tough defense. Take out groups of enemies, block attacks, destroy objects, interact with surroundings, and reflect fire back at foes.

Devastating Open Combat


  • Move freely through the castle battlefield with acrobatic precision as you take down multiple enemies with punches, kicks, shield throws, and powerful combos. Take control of a turret or grab a soldier from behind and use his weapons against him.

Platforming with Purpose


  • Use Cap’s impressive athletic abilities to overcome environmental challenges by scaling walls, climbing, and performing spectacular leaps and vaults. Master timing-based controls to execute advanced moves and discover multiple mission paths.

Stirring Original Storyline


  • Play a compelling original story by renowned Marvel scribe Christos Gage set in the movie universe but created specifically to bring extra depth to gameplay. Interactive and scripted cinematic moments immerse you in film-like action sequences




The game starts you off on a mission to fight the red skull and his army. Although the Captain America Super Soldier doesn’t follow the movie story line it has a great story and is very enjoyable. This is how a movie tie in game should be and I have to say out of all the comic book movie games SEGA got it right with this one. The fighting style and technique is almost like Batman AA. Fighting in Captain America was truly amazing. The fact that you do not need a meter bar or “mana” to use your abilities is truly a plus, since one of the problems in Super Hero games is that you are limited in using their powers in the game and this makes it better that you can actually unleashed Captain America’s power any time. Keep in mind that you do have 4 bars above your health that fill when you do certain fighting moves, blocks or counters. These bars can be used to “weaponize” yourself by taking control of an enemy and using their weapon to shoot other enemies. Also you can do a “power strike” basically a one hit knock out, and finally you can use all 4 bars to activate “Super Soldier” this makes you stronger and regenerate health while you fight!




The game does feature 10 different challenge maps / modes. This is where you have to do certain things such as defeating 4 waves of bad guys as fast as possible and by doing so gives you a gold or silver medal along with Intel points. When collecting Intel points you will be able to unlock new special moves for Capt. Also you get Intel point for defeating enemies with style or by finding collectibles throughout the game and levels.



Unlike other comic book movie games it seems that this game was well worked on and polished up. The graphics are amazing compared to other and past releases this takes the cake. From start to finish the game draws you in and gets sucked in and you don’t want to put the controller down. The cut scenes have purpose and are just right in length to keep your attention in the game and story and makes you feel part of the game and that you control it. While playing we didn’t notice any glitches or problems in the gameplay at all. The controls and timing are spot on and perfect.



Captain America Super Soldier is a nice treat from SEGA and was well worked on from the finish product. We hope SEGA and other developers take note from this release and step it up. We are defiantly looking forward to the next release from SEGA and Marvel.




So in our opinion the game is definitely worth trying and picking up and giving it a play through. The only thing that we wish SEGA added to this game is a “New game plus” mode, this is where after you finish the game you can start a new game with all of your upgrades. We hope SEGA uses Captain America Super Soldier as a stepping stone for more games to follow in its path and just keep getting better and better!

Game 2 Gamer’s Final Score 4.5 / 5

Frustration Level   


  1. Brian Staulcup says:

    Great review! That looks awesome! Count me in for the contest!

  2. liljrSanchez says:

    Captain America is a great superhero and hope to get the game soon! After all, it is worthy of being played!

  3. DarkReaper says:

    Great review!

  4. VDH says:

    That next to the last picture (where cap is punching the soldiers face) is a good reason to play this game. It even looks like he broke the poor guy’s teeth. I mean that’s clearly a molar flying next to him.
    Good review, seems Sega is making good Marvel games after all.

  5. Jokerzwild says:

    Wow man a 4.5 on a movie game! I very glad to hear you say this I’m a big Cap America fan and would hate to see them butcher his name with a bad game. Very cool. You are right alot more games need to do the newgame+

  6. CherryRasulka says:

    I’m glad it’s supposed to follow the original story