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Jaydeb has announced the release of Morph Girl onto Steam and on August 30th, 2017.

Morph Girl – A Japanese horror inspired FMV game about loss, depression and the supernatural.


Morph Girl sees you playing as Elana Pierce, a woman struggling to cope with the loss of her wife, Rebecca. When a mysterious supernatural being begins to force itself into her daily life – playing upon the memories of the dearly departed – she must make the decision to embrace or reject the creature.

Will you reject its invitation? Or embrace it?


Morph Girl is a Point and Click/Visual Novel whereby your choices incur consequences. Make decisions that could save or endanger Elana’s life from an entity of unknown intent – and her own grief.

Inspired by low-fi Japanese horror movies of the late 90’s, Morph Girl adopts an FMV, family VHS tape inspired aesthetic to evoke the most intimate and invasive fears and anxieties surrounding the invasion of one’s home.

Morph Girl’s branching story means that your decisions meaningfully impact and change the course of the game’s narrative, as well as events long passed. Explore and interact with Elana’s life to unearth (and alter) the details to a deeply troubled past and relationship.

Unlock all 6 endings and find your conclusion to Morph Girl and Elana’s story.

Release date: 30/08/2017

Price: £2.99/$3.99

Developer: Jaydeb



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