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Koei Tecmo VR Sense titles planned for PlayStation VR release

This summer, Koei Tecmo Group’s Koei Tecmo Wave plans to release “VR Sense,” a virtual reality arcade cabinet that stimulates all five senses, at Japanese game centers. At a presentation for the arcade cabinet today, the company said that the titles it develops for VR Sense will also be sold as PlayStation VR titles.

VR Sense is a multipurpose virtual reality cabinet based on PlayStation VR with a main draw of stimulating the five senses through features such as a multipurpose 3D seat, scent, touch, wind, warmth, coolness, and mist.

Famitsu reports that Dead or Alive Xtreme is being added as one of the titles for VR Sense to go with the recently announced Super Sengoku Coaster that will also be at the event.

As for Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense, it’ll players hang out with the heroines and actually “smell” them through a scent function that is being added to the VR machine. There’s also a misting function that will allow players to get a feel for the water that gets splashed in the VR experience.

Guests will get to check out the VR titles using machines as shown in the above image. More details for the event will be revealed on a later date.


Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense will be available to check out sometime this summer at VR Sense.


The lineup of VR Sense titles includes:

Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense


Dead or Alive Sense

  • Upgrade the girls’ swimsuits each time you win a game.
  • Get close to the girls for a faintly good smell.
  • Get some captivating “Viewing Time” by achieving a high score.

Ultra Samurai Coaster


Dead or Alive Sense

  • Feel as if you’re on a real coaster through the arcade cabinet’s multipurpose 3D seat.
  • Play through various stages, from the town around the castle to inside the castle and on the battlefield.
  • Experience unpredictable courses where the rail comes to a halt or flies into the air.

G.I. Jockey Sense


Dead or Alive Sense

  • Featuring the voice of well-known announcer Yoshihiko Yano.
  • Feel a sense of presence through weather like wind, rain, snow, and more.
  • Transcend reality through battles against rival horses using the controller and 3D seat.

Horror Sense: Daruma-san ga Koronda


Dead or Alive Sense

  • The multipurpose 3D seat moves in accordance with the video.
  • Experience scenes like bugs falling from the ceiling and small animals running by your feet with the touch feature.
  • Featuring interactivity and a story that you can’t help but feel compelled to finish.

Ultra Dynasty Warriors


Dead or Alive Sense

  • A new experience of running about the battlefield
  • The hot air of the flames that cover the battlefield is realistically reproduced.
  • Experience an overwhelming feeling of immersion that invites excitement.

More big titles are currently in development.

Location testing for VR Sense arcade cabinets is planned for August. Visit the VR Sense official website here.



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