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Lord of The Rings War In The North Review

Lord of The Rings War In The North Review
Game Name: Lord of The Rings War In The North
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Publisher(s): WB Games
Developer(s): Snowblind Studios
Genre(s): Action-Adventure, Role-Playing,
Release Date: Nov. 1, 2011
ESRB Rating: T

Dark forces are gathering throughout all of Middle-earth. A human, a Dwarf, and an Elf must join together in fellowship to protect the North as the One Ring travels south into Mordor. You and your friends assume the roles of these three characters who join in the fight to defend Middle-earth. You will encounter well-known characters like Fordo, Strider and Gandalf. Also creatures and locations from the beloved Lord of the Rings books and films while using powerful weapons, devastating combat skills, and cooperative multiplayer gameplay to thwart the plans of Agandaur, one of Sauron’s most powerful ruthless lietenants in the North.



Fight for middle Earth in a whole new adventure from Lord Of The Rings were you get to make your own fellowship and customize your chosen character to fit your type of playing style. This is the type of LOTR game we have been waiting for. You get the choices of making you character the way you want. The game starts out with you or you and friends fighting to save Middle-earth. The gameplay is amazing with a few things that could have been added or changed to enhance the play.



War In The North features a system of you chose what you character says and their reactions to what has been said. By doing so you also get to take on side quests and missions to get bonus loot and XP to build up you character the way you want them to be. The level system is awesome. Every time you gain a level you get 3 points to spend on your character’s skills, strength, dexterity, will, and more to become the warrior you want. You also get one point per level gained to add an upgrade or unlock a special attack or spell. These are very useful to use and build up. So get that XP and gain levels!



The game features a “hero mode” what this is, is when you do a combo and the enemy you are attacking gets a yellow triangle above their head, you do a heavy attack and you perform a finishing move or brutal attack what this does is it severs a limb or lops off the head of that enemy. Once you are in hero mode and you keep attacking you do more damage and start a hit chain combo for bonus XP. I will say that when a brutal move is performed it reminds and looks like the movies with some very entertaining effects that makes you want to keep doing these to watch all the moves you can do and attacks you can unleash.



The different missions you can do and at your own pace is a plus. You can also unlock challenges. What these challenges are is almost like a horde mode. You fight wave after wave of enemies and each wave is harder than the last with a boss wave every 5 waves or so. This is a great way to gain XP and make your character tougher. When fighting a few enemies you seem to get overwhelmed when they all attack and you can’t do anything but take the hits that more than often lead to a death. But it is a good thing you can be revived by other teammates. A lock-on feature would have been a great function to add as well. Sometimes when fighting you get weird camera angles and miss an attack on a  bad guy, but a lock-on would eliminate this problem.



The graphics are a lot better the we thought it would be. The likeness of the characters is almost spot on and done very well with the landscapes and detail put into the game. The controls are pretty simple with hack and slash method but also combos, archery and spell casting. It’s all pretty responsive with the lack of a lock on feature as mentioned before.



The game has a gripping story that fits right alongside the books and movie and is also very interesting. It is a must play for any Lord of the Rings fan or someone that wants a new take on the RPG genre. The replay value is very high with tons of side missions and using the different characters to use and find what one is best that fits your gaming style. War In The North is a surprise hit and should be tried by all!


Game 2 Gamer’s Final Score  3.5 / 5


Frustration Level    


  1. Christian says:

    ive never played Lord of the Rings, but this does sound pretty fun

  2. Chris says:

    yeah that actually does sound like a lot of fun

  3. CherryRasulka says:

    Awesome review! Seems like a decent game to look into