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Samsara Review


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SSX Review

SSX Review
Game Name: SSX
Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Publisher(s): EA
Developer(s): EA Canada
Genre(s): Sports, Snowboarding
Release Date: Feb 28th 2012
ESRB Rating: E

SSX has been known to lead the way in setting the stranded for high energy and tons of tricks and of course the fun factor. The newest release in the SSX franchise is no different and has stayed true to what made the game amazing, but also has enough tweaks to bring in a new generation of fans to the series and attract more people to the franchise.


In SSX you have 3 types of game play, these are Race it, Survive it and Trick it.

Race It – this is all about finding the fastest way down the snow and across the finish line first. With tons of different paths and mountains the routes and combinations are just about endless, and of course you can still rock tricks on your way down. But the boost is a life saver on this mode. The more tricks you do, then more boost you get, so keep on using tricks!


Trick it – the core of the franchise really is trick it. Trick events have you pulling over the top tricks in a bid to post the highest scores. The sort of things you remember in SSX Tricky. From character specific Ubers to RUN DMC’s “It’s Tricky” coming through your speakers. Tricks have always been and continue to be at the heart of SSX


Survive it – this is new to the series and franchise. Survive it pits you against the mountains themselves. These Boss Battles are a little more intense, but this is still SSX so expect to be jumping over avalanches and flying over crevasses with a wingsuit with complete disregard for the laws of physics.


When playing the new SSX you may notice the new control scheme that was implanted in the game, its more smooth and fluent then before, going through tricks and movement is just much more tweaked and responsive than ever before, you feel like you have complete control over your character and you can do anything you want. The controls are perfect and expect no lag between button mashing and execution of the tricks, so if you mess up, you can’t blame it on the controls. Touching on the graphics, eye popping, yes. The new improved graphics are just stunning. The detail and level of effort that you can see put into SSX is just flawless.


SSX now features something amazing, open mountains. As before in past releases you were set to a main path of ridable terrain, but now EA Sports has opened it up and you can go anywhere you want! So no more same routes and same tricks, now you can go anywhere and play the way you want to. This was huge to us, we felt that opening up the mountains and giving tons of routes with what this franchise was missing and EA listened and boom, free movement and more tricks for us!


The massive open world features the Rockies, Patagonia, Siberia, Alaska, Himalayas, Antarctica, Alps, Africa and New Zealand. These places feature amazingly life like and unique to each of the mountain regions. You can also equip different items to help your rider make the best of each ride with body armor, goggles, or wing suit and more. You also have your Helicopter Buddy, when you do a drop the helicopter buddy lets you know what is coming up and gives you that slight advantage of what to do next and planning what tricks to unleash.


The new SSX is off the wall, crazy fun and addicting. This is what brought the fans into the series and kept the franchise going all these years. The replayability is very, very high. You have different modes and online features where you can challenge friends and beat each others scores. You also can change your characters equipment and make the game fits your needs. EA has not let us down before and still has the power to surprise us with something new and fresh. SSX is definitely worth your time.


Game 2 Gamer’s Final Score 3.5 / 5


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