Gungrave VR TGS 2017 trailer

Gungrave returns in virtual reality.

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Shadow of the Colossus TGS 2017 trailer

Latest look at the Bluepoint-developed remake.

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Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation adds new character Misaki

New character voiced by Minami Tsuda.



Super Meat Boy Forever Nintendo switch details

Official Game Title Super Meat Boy Forever
Publisher Name: Team Meat
Developer Name: Team Meat
Genre: Platformer / Awesome
Nintendo Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
ESRB with Descriptors: T (cartoon violence, comic mischief, Blood)
Number of Players: 1
All Supported Play Modes
(Please indicate the number of players per play mode)
• TV mode: 1
• Tabletop mode: 1
• Handheld mode: 1
• Local play: 1
• Online play: 0
Release Date/Window:
Spring 2018
Marketing Tagline (if applicable):
The much anticipated sequel to Super Meat Boy
Game Description (2-3 sentences):
Dr. Fetus is being a jerk again (as he does), but this time he’s kidnapped Meat Boy and
Bandage Girl’s adorable little baby girl, named Nugget! Meat Boy and Bandage Girl will be put
through the grinder (THAT ISN’T A MEAT JOKE SHUT UP) as they jump, slide, punch and kick
through 6 chapters containing randomly constructed levels that increase in difficulty each time
you rank them up. Beat a level, it ranks, next time you play it you get a harder version of that
level until you eventually master it! There are bosses, secrets, dying, awesome music, beautiful
art, and dying! Also if that isn’t enough, there is a Dark World with extremely hard levels for
those of you that like that sort of thing.
Features (2-3 bullets):
• Jump, Slide, Punch and Kick through 6 chapters filled with randomly constructed levels.
Beat a level, it ranks up, next time you play it you get a harder version of that level.
• Tons of replayable levels! Bosses! Secrets! Punch and Kick stuff! and OTHER
SURPRISES we aren’t talking about just yet!
• Difficult platforming with great controls that are accessible to anyone but still require skill
and practice to truly master the game.

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